3-Ply Non Medical Mask

Disposable Masks – 3-ply design. Standard earloop and adjustable nosepiece. Available in Black or White.

3-Ply Non Medical Masks

These non-medical masks are made from high-quality materials and are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet or exceed industry standards. This commitment to quality ensures that users can rely on the masks to provide effective protection against airborne diseases.

ReThink BioClean’s 3-ply non-medical face masks are designed to be affordable and widely available, making them accessible to people across different socioeconomic backgrounds. They are also easy to use, with ear loops that secure the mask in place and a lightweight and breathable design that makes them suitable for extended wear.

In addition, Rethink Bioclean’s 3-ply non-medical face masks are effective at reducing the spread of infectious diseases. They are designed to filter out particles and droplets that may contain bacteria and viruses, reducing the risk of transmission. This makes them a crucial tool in mitigating the spread of airborne diseases and protecting public health.

These masks are designed to be eco-friendly, with a sustainable manufacturing process and biodegradable materials. This commitment to sustainability helps to promote a healthier planet while also promoting public health and safety. Our commitment to quality, affordability, accessibility, and sustainability ensures that users can rely on the masks to provide effective protection against airborne diseases while also promoting a healthier planet.

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