Modular evolutionary chemical dispensing cabinet

Semi flat pack design assists transport and storage costs

Offers secure and precise dilution of cleaning or disinfectant chemicals

Provides best compromise between accessibility and ease of cleaning

Large front offers space for customized communication to promote either a brand or health and safety or usage instructions

Ultimate flexibility, able to hold multiple sizes of chemical container covering 5 litre, 2 x 2 litre, 3 x 1 litre

Lockable cabinet door provides appropriate level of security

Chemical Dispensing Systems for Commercial Sinks

Chemical dispensing systems for commercial sinks are an essential tool for maintaining high levels of cleanliness and hygiene in commercial settings. These systems are designed to accurately and safely dispense cleaning and sanitizing chemicals for use in sinks.

One of the key benefits of refillable detergent dispensing systems for commercial sinks is their accuracy. These systems are designed to provide precise amounts of cleaning chemicals, which ensures consistent cleaning results and reduces waste. This is particularly important in commercial settings where large quantities of cleaning chemicals are used on a daily basis.

Another benefit of chemical dispensing systems for commercial sinks is their safety. These systems are designed to prevent accidental spills and exposure to concentrated chemicals, which can be hazardous to health. This helps to ensure the safety of employees and customers who may come into contact with the cleaning chemicals.

In addition, chemical dispensing systems for commercial sinks are easy to use and maintain. They can be quickly and easily installed directly onto the sink, and can be adjusted to provide the desired concentration of cleaning chemicals. The systems can also be easily refilled, which ensures that cleaning chemicals are always available when needed.

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