Carpet Spot Remover

Effective against tar, grease, oil, gum, food, wine, cola, coffee. Contains glycol ether.

Effective against tar, grease, oil, gum, food, wine, cola, coffee. Contains glycol ether.

Carpet Spot Remover for Hospitality Industries

Carpet spot remover is an essential cleaning product for the hospitality industry and hotels. Accidents and spills can happen frequently in high-traffic areas, such as hotel lobbies, hallways, and guest rooms, which can leave unsightly stains on carpets. A carpet spot remover is an effective solution for quickly removing these stains and keeping carpets looking clean and presentable.

Typically, commercial carpet spot remover cleaning products are available in a spray bottle, and users can simply apply the cleaner directly to the stain, wait a few minutes, and then blot the area with a clean cloth. This makes them a convenient choice for hotel staff who need to quickly clean up a stain and move on to the next task. However, ReThink BioClean provides hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry with carpet spot refills – reducing your business’ ecological footprint, and saving you on cleaning supply costs.

Carpet spot removers also have the advantage of being able to extend the life of carpets. Regular cleaning and spot removal can help prevent permanent stains and keep carpets looking fresh and new. This can ultimately save hotels and other businesses money by reducing the need for frequent carpet replacement.

At ReThink BioClean, we believe that every business has a responsibility to reduce its environmental impact. That’s why we offer a range of eco-friendly cleaning products and janitorial supplies to help you create a zero waste model. Our refill service can help you save money while reducing waste. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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