CA30™ Floor Buffer

Viper Venom VN1715-VN2015 Parts Viper Venom VN1715 Low Speed Floor Buffer is a 17 inch Heavy Duty Floor Buffer is multipurpose designed to clean, strip or polish almost any floor surface. Other applications include: carpet bonnet cleaning or shampooing, and gym floor screening. (Available in 17E and 20B)

Commercial Floor Buffers and Janitorial Supplies

Commercial floor buffers are janitorial supplies that are essential equipment for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of floors in large commercial and industrial spaces. These machines use a combination of high-speed rotating pads and cleaning solutions to effectively remove dirt, grime, and other debris from hard surfaces like concrete, tile, and hardwood.

One of the key benefits of commercial floor buffers is their ability to quickly and efficiently clean large areas. They are designed to cover a lot of ground quickly, making them ideal for cleaning large retail spaces, warehouses, and other commercial facilities. Additionally, they are highly effective at removing even the most stubborn stains and dirt, leaving floors looking clean and polished.

Another benefit of commercial floor buffers is their versatility. They can be used on a variety of flooring surfaces, including concrete, tile, and hardwood, making them a great all-purpose cleaning tool. They can also be used with a variety of cleaning solutions, allowing for customized cleaning solutions based on the specific needs of the job.

When selecting a commercial floor buffer, there are several factors to consider. The size of the buffer, the speed of the rotating pads, and the type of cleaning solutions used are all important factors to consider. It’s also important to choose a machine that is built to last and can handle the demands of regular commercial use.

Rethink Bioclean’s commercial floor buffers are a great investment for any business or organization that wants to maintain clean, safe, and attractive floors. With their ability to quickly and efficiently clean large areas and their versatility on different surfaces and cleaning solutions, these key janitorial supplies are a highly effective tool for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of commercial and industrial spaces.

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